Communication Sciences and Disorders

Alumna Debuts Documentary on Understudied Brain Disorder

Jamila Minga

Speech problems usually follow from strokes that occur on the left side of the brain. Because of that, Communication Sciences & Disorders alumna (’14) Dr. Jamilia Mijnga explained, clinical education, practice, and research have been on the overt communication impairments from left hemisphere stroke, leaving a whole other half of the brain and population under identified and underserved.

Camp helps kids, grad students, to grow

A camper smiles at an adult volunteer

Emily Hamuka, a clinical educator in the Communication Sciences and Disorders Department at UNC Greensboro, was once asked what she would do if she could design any summer camp. From that question – the Sports and Language Camp was formed.

Speaking Science

Dr. Lucia Mendez demonstrating her Bilingualtek project.

Bilingualtek project integrates language and science learning. “Language is so important for science learning because in order to even think about science concepts, you also need the words.” Sitting criss-cross in a circle, five preschoolers reach out to touch pieces of fabric their teacher spreads in front of them.

Speech and Hearing Center Now Offers Cochlear Implant Services

Cochlear Implants

The Speech and Hearing Center now offers cochlear implant services for clients. This includes an assessment to determine if a client needs the service, referral to a doctor to implant the device, activation, programming, follow-up care and maintenance and troubleshooting through the life of the device.

Helping Clients Find Their Voice

Client participating in voice therapy

Sena Crutchley didn’t set out to become a specialist in gender affirming voice work. When she joined UNC Greensboro’s Communication Sciences and Disorders Department (CSD) in 2007, the University already had an established program housed within the Speech and Hearing Center.

Visiting an Audiologist Isn’t Something to Fear

Imagine being newly retired and excited to embrace hobbies. As the days go on, you begin to notice difficulty hearing some of your favorite sounds, from your grandchildren playing in the pool to the pitter-patter of rain on the rooftop. 

NBA Player Michael Kidd-Gilchrist Inspires Speech-Language Pathologists

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist on UNCG's campus

Professional basketball player Michael Kidd-Gilchrist visited UNC Greensboro’s campus on Feb. 1 to speak to students in the Department of Communications Sciences and Disorders (CSD) about his past, present, and future journey as a person who stutters. The department’s Speech and Hearing Center trains students for future careers in speech-language pathology and provides services to the community, including clinical services for people who stutter.

Career and Professional Development and Disorders

Dr. Brandi Baldwin

Dr. Brandi M. Baldwin is an award-winning StartUp CEO and founder of Millennial Ventures Holdings, the parent company to a suite of social impact brands tackling the world’s most relevant business challenges: diversity and inclusion, motivating millennials to level-up their leadership, and helping young people learn how to build generational wealth through entrepreneurship.

Featured Alumni: Dionne Anderson

Dionne Anderson, CSD Alumna Class of 2015

When I graduated from UNCG in 2015, I never imagined that I would be working in the trenches on the frontlines of a global pandemic. However, that is exactly where I am today. And while this work is exhausting and often sad, I am beyond grateful that my UNCG education and 6 years of experience working at Atrium Healthcare in Charlotte, NC has prepared me for this moment. The media may allude 2020 as the year of nurses and respiratory therapists, but us Speech Language Pathologists are a valued member of every medical team and have our role to play as well.