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  • Featured Alumni: Austin Collum

    Featured Alumni: Austin Collum

    Following graduation in 2017, I accepted a clinical fellowship at Lakeshore Professional Voice Center in Detroit, Michigan, where I worked alongside Dr. Adam Rubin and Juliano Codino, PhD, CCC-SLP in an interprofessional, private practice. During my fellowship, I gained specialized training in acoustic analysis, aerodynamic assessment, flexible endoscopic evaluation of swallowing, and rigid and flexible…

  • Class of 2020: Amanda Stewart

    Class of 2020: Amanda Stewart

    Senior Amanda Stewart had just returned from an unforgettable weekend at the Southern Conference Basketball Championships in Asheville.  As co-captain of the Spartan G’s Dance Team, she had spent the weekend performing, cheering on the Spartans, and hyping up the crowd. While the men’s team lost in a heartbreaking quarterfinal match-up, the women’s team made it…

  • Cochlear Implant Study Supports Older Adults

    Cochlear Implant Study Supports Older Adults

    It’s a Friday morning, and UNC Greensboro’s Speech and Hearing Center has the warm feel of a group of friends catching up. The conversation flows so easily, despite that two members in the group would be unable to hear without a small electronic device visible just behind the ear.

  • Students take up the reins at Horsepower

    Students take up the reins at Horsepower

    It’s a hot Tuesday morning in July. The horses twitch and stomp. A barn cat snoozes in the sun. Seems like just another day at HORSEPOWER Therapeutic Learning Center in Colfax, but for four kids with intellectual learning disabilities, it’s the best day.