UNC Greensboro

Class of 2020: Amanda Stewart

Amanda Stewart, co-caption of the Spartan G's Dance Team, is honored at Senior Night.

Senior Amanda Stewart had just returned from an unforgettable weekend at the Southern Conference Basketball Championships in Asheville. 

As co-captain of the Spartan G’s Dance Team, she had spent the weekend performing, cheering on the Spartans, and hyping up the crowd. While the men’s team lost in a heartbreaking quarterfinal match-up, the women’s team made it all the way to the final – a first since 2006.

Cochlear Implant Study Supports Older Adults

Graduate clinicians working on a research study to assess the impact of a program designed to support older adults with cochlear implants

It’s a Friday morning, and UNC Greensboro’s Speech and Hearing Center has the warm feel of a group of friends catching up. The conversation flows so easily, despite that two members in the group would be unable to hear without a small electronic device visible just behind the ear.

Students take up the reins at Horsepower

Camper and grad student with horse at Horsepower Summer Camp

It’s a hot Tuesday morning in July. The horses twitch and stomp. A barn cat snoozes in the sun. Seems like just another day at HORSEPOWER Therapeutic Learning Center in Colfax, but for four kids with intellectual learning disabilities, it’s the best day.