UNCG’s Second Degree Program in Speech Pathology and Audiology (SPAU) is designed for individuals who have completed a bachelor’s degree in a field other than Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD) and are interested in changing career directions. Students complete 1 year of Prerequisite coursework:

  • Before entering a graduate level program in Speech Language Pathology.
  • To fulfill academic requirements needed to seek alternative licensure as an SLP-Assistant in NC

Secondary Application and admission to the CSD Undergraduate Program is required, with courses starting in the fall semester only. All application requirements must be completed by MAY 15th, with prerequisite courses starting in the fall only. Visit our Admission Requirements and Secondary Application page for details.

Important note: Students taking Prerequisite courses only do not receive a second degree. Additionally, prerequisite students interested in becoming an SLP-Assistant complete the academic coursework only at UNCG (see our FAQ page for more details).

Prerequisite Coursework:

Our undergraduate program is a full-time, residential program offering very few courses online. Prerequisite courses are taken during the semesters listed below:


CSD 334 Introduction to Audiology (Online/ASYN, 4-week intensive, 1st summer session course)

All students in the SPAU, IDEA and PRDF majors may register for CSD 334 without additional assistance. Any other UNCG or visiting student may submit this form for assistance registering for the summer session.


CSD 306 Introduction to Phonetics
CSD 307 Speech and Hearing Science
CSD 308 Language and Speech Development
CSD 309 Anatomy and Physiology of the Speech and Hearing Mechanism
CSD 334 Introduction to Audiology


CSD 336 Articulation Disorders
CSD 337 Language Disorders
CSD 338 Voice and Fluency disorders
CSD 456 or 457 Adult or Pediatric Aural Rehabilitation
CSD 476 Structured Clinic Observation
CSD 488 Neurology of Speech, Language and Hearing

It is recommended that you take the following courses required by ASHA before entering a graduate program: Biological Science, Social Science (i.e. Psychology), Statistics, and Chemistry or Physics (no lab).