If you do not have a degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders or do not have the adequate prerequisite coursework for admission to our program, you can apply to UNCG’s Communication Sciences and Disorders Department as a second-degree (Career shift) seeking student.

You must apply to both UNCG and CSD as a second degree student. Your official transcripts must be sent with both applications. As a second-degree student, you will enroll full-time for a full year in undergraduate prerequisite courses that are necessary to gain admission to the UNCG graduate program (as well as many other programs).

These courses include:


CSD 334 Introduction to Audiology
CSD 488 Neurology of Speech, Language and Hearing


CSD 306 Introduction to Phonetics
CSD 307 Speech and Hearing Science
CSD 308 Language and Speech Development
CSD 309 Anatomy and Physiology of the Speech and Hearing Mechanism
CSD 334 Introduction to Audiology


CSD 336 Articulation Disorders
CSD 337 Language Disorders
CSD 338 Voice and Fluency disorders
CSD 456 or 457 Adult or Pediatric Aural Rehabilitation
CSD 476 Structured Clinic Observation
CSD 488 Neurology of Speech, Language and Hearing

It is recommended that you take the following courses required by ASHA before entering a graduate program: Biological Science, Social Science (i.e. Psychology), Statistics, and Chemistry or Physics (no lab).